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Hi Shane, Miles and Julia,


Massive thanks to you and all the team for an absolutely outstanding weekend in Bright.  The guides’ patience and guidance and the way they explained and demonstrated the correct techniques were exceptional.  I would be pleased to recommend this course to anybody who is looking to improve their skills in off road biking.


Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing when the next course is being run.





Dear Anthea,


I wanted to let you know how excellent the training course was this weekend. Shane, Chris and Craig were not only terrific instructors but also terrific blokes.

The atmosphere of these types of courses always starts with the leadership, and that’s the reason why everyone was in such good spirits, and there was such good banter.

It’s made me much more confident off road, and very exited for the Safari.

My biggest thanks to you all.

Yours Faithfully,



Chris and Shane,

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the course last week (9-10 May 14).  The whole experience was well done (thanks to Lisa in the administration of it all as well!)

You two are super professionals and make a great teaching team with the right mix of humour, fun, and seriousness.  It’s a great thing to come out to a course, learn something useful and practical, build confidence and skills, and have fun while doing it.  Additionally, you ensured it was done as safely as riding a motorcycle can be.  Very well done.

As I mentioned to Chris, I do think you could go another step with a ‘field expedient maintenance’ block (1/2 day?, full day?) for those really looking to do adventure riding—trouble shooting and fixing the ‘top ten oops’s’ when out riding…whatever they may be  (flat tire, etc.), but, as it is, its already a great class and I rode away very pleased with the entire experience.   And, as I mentioned to Shane, you guys are building ‘customers for life’ for BMW (and adventure riding in general)…make sure that’s part of your marketing campaign!

I look forward to seeing the photos when you get them posted and appreciate you taking the time to do that for the group.

Good Luck to you both (or, better yet—as we used to say in my other life—‘make your own luck’ J ) in your future endeavors, it was a real pleasure to have met you.



Ronald E Corkran

Lieutenant Colonel, US Army, Retired

ACOTA Country Manager



Shane and Chris, thanks for a great two days rider training. Guys I found your course very professional and your training program I found well constructed. Awesome job guys. It’s great to see passion in the workplace.

I’m not sure my wife likes you guys. I have booked on the safari this year.  Cheers and thanks



I had a great weekend and came away a lot more confident with my ability to use my R1200GS on the dirt.

The boys were excellent and very friendly.  I would recommend the course to anyone wanting to improve their skills and safety. I hope I can get some of the weekend photos taken of the event.



I enjoyed the course very much; I’m sure all of us did.

Enjoyable and very instructive, excellent instructors and a great weekend.

Even the weather was good! – Sandy


Hi. Thanks for a awesome course (level 1). Brilliantly run. Excellent content. Top venue. Chris, Shane & Craig knew their stuff, had a great manner & we’re good fun.  I’d recommend the course I’ll be back for more.



Huge THANK YOU for adding Giora to the BMW training group… He was so happy, and enjoyed every second of it… ?The entire concept of the training course as much as the guides and the exercises were perfect… He already submitted the survey – but to me on the personal aspect it was great to see my hubby so happy – and for that my gratitude belong to you…

Hope you will have amazing day and great week,

Yours happily,



James and I had a blast again – as expected ?.  No ‘offs’!!

Best wishes and keep smiling!




I have this weekend successfully completed the BMW off road training coarse at Broadford.

I must firstly complement the boys who ran the weekend they where so professional and personable nothing was a hassle.

We had a mixed group of ladies  and men old and young and the boys looked after all of us superbly, I speak for everyone when I say we where gob smacked at what we learnt and what we saw the boys do on these wonderful machines.

Next to the team at BMW thank you for having your clients as your key focus.

Miles I commend you for your forethought and attention to detail.

I look forward to doing another off road training coarse in the future, and a safari.

I am doing the BMW ride day at Toolangi state forest in a couple of weeks and am looking forward to trying the new 1200 GS

Miles please do continue to enjoy Good things

Sincerely yours




Just wanted to thank you for such a great course. Weather was a bit challenging but I think it actually made the course better. Wet and slippery made it important to pay attention to the skills being taught.

Will highly recommend the course.

Many thanks



Hi Guys

Just finished the course at Conondale. Awesome fun & learnt heaps. Thanks.




G’day Shane & Chris,

I recently did the BMW Level 2 training with you guys at Dargle and got a lot out of it. I’ve done a little promo video just for fun so check it out at

Feel free to share it if you like.

Regards, James


Just wanting to thank the guys for running a really professional and enjoyable course. They made us dirt newbies, feel right at home. I loved the way Chris would explain what we were going to do, and then demo the good and bad ways to do it..

Craig, was great in supporting everyone, being sweep and making sure we all got through everything. I had an awesome couple of days, and can still feel it due to the lack of fitness :-).

Thanks again for the course, and the back office people that make it happen.

Cheers Russ


I note that I have already responded to the “formal” survey.

On a more individual basis, I’d like to take the opportunity to indicate how much I enjoyed the course, and how much I believe that I got out of it.  One thing that you cannot convey through the formal survey is this. The approach of Chris and Shane is pleasantly low key – no heavy handed didactic to be seen.

Also, there was a refreshing lack of ego displayed on the part of Chris and Shane. Clearly, each is highly experienced and highly skilled – matters that were allowed to shine through latently. For me, these factors enhanced the overall enjoyment of the course. I mentioned this to a mate who did the course at Dargle last year before the Safari. Interestingly, he indicated that he also had come away with the same (favourable) thoughts. Please feel free to pass on to Chris and Shane these comments, and my thanks for the course.





Firstly, thanks very much for a professional and excellent course.

Chris along with Shane were excellent Mentors, and their years of experience shone through as they ran 2 days of bliss as far as I was concerned.

I am registered in Level 2 training, and can’t wait to push even further.

Thanks again for the experience, and once the survey comes through I will echo my sentiment.




Hi Chris & Shane.

Thank you for the most wonderful two days training I’ve ever participated in.


On another note, let Chris know that the card I was using in the GoPro failed on the day, so I’ll have to get it ready and tested (with a new card) before stage 2 next month. Apologies.

Once again, thank you for the course.



Dear Chris, Shane & the Team.

Thank you for a most enjoyable and intuitive couple of days.

Your relaxed delivery and caring for the instruction provided where very much a standout!

Thank you.

PS: If there is a chance of being considered for the level 2 in June, it would be much appreciated.

Best Regards.



Just a quick note to say a huge Thank You for an outstanding 2 days at Dargle.

Chris and Shane were superb – we had a ball, learnt a tonne and cannot thank them enough for their encouragement, patience, great sense of humour and down to earth attitude.


Andrea and Chuck


Just completed last weekends Level 1 Course at Kirup. I would just like to say a great thank you to all of you. This was an amazing course and Chris and Shane made it fun and enjoyable and a great learning experience. The knowledge that Chris and Shane have about off road riding is just superb, I for one had a great time on the course and also at dinner the Friday night in Donnybrook at the Apple Tree Inn with the boys and a few participants and their partners. Thank you again because this sort of training is invaluable to anyone who rides a  1200 GS off road and I am sure I will make it down next year for another course as it was a lot of info to take in. Say hello to Chris and Shane from me.


Rainer –  R1200GSA 2009


Just dropping a note to say many thanks for the Level 1 course that Chris and Shane ran this weekend in Kirup.

It is so incredible how they make what looked impossible absolutely achievable to an ordinary joe like me. Many thanks for your (and Shane’s wife’s) support too, in helping the boys behind the scenes so they can actually deliver the course.  It means a lot to us West Aussies who just can’t get across to the East coast courses.

Can’t wait until next year to do it again…

Well Done to you all!




I would like to thank you and the team for the training presented the past weekend. I had the best two days on a bike in a very long time. The training course was presented very professionally and Chris, Shane and Miles certainly know there stuff!!! I could never have imagined what we would achieve in just two days. Please add me to the waiting list for the next one! Please thank Chris, Shane and Miles on my behalf. – Pieter 


Hi Chris, just wanted to let you, Shane and Miles know, the training paid off . I spent the weekend in the Yengo National Park, between the Putty Rd and Wollombi and had a ball. The tracks were tougher than I expected and I really should’ve had some one with me, but I applied the basic skills you shared with us and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The tracks were a lot tougher than we practiced on at Dargle, but I applied the skills I learnt from you and went for it. I only dropped the bike twice, but neither was major. Totally exhausted after each day, but I was elated. That feeling of satisfaction I had after doing that hill drill, where I had to stall the bike, turn it around and roll back down, returned many times over. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge, I would never had done what I did on the weekend if it wasn’t for you guys.



Thanks for organising everything for me. It was the most amazing training session and I was privilege to be given such good instruction by such great people, cheers. Here are some shots from the days; plenty of smiles! Ciao.



Well the course is over and I am now back in NZ. I would just like to compliment you and the team on a very professionally run course. The instructors were great and as you would expect very experienced. They took the time to explain and demonstrate and point out to attendees, on an individual basis, techniques to improve their skill. Really they are just great guys. Those attending were a great group and at the end of the two days there was a fair degree of camaraderie developed. In summary, I learnt a lot and look forward to now putting the techniques into practice. Thanks to everyone. Regards


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