ADVENTURE SKILLS (Most Popular) 2-Day $695


This is your core Adventure rider training course. For riders that have zero off road riding experience through to adventure riders that are looking for more control and confidence off road. This is far from a basic course, you will learn loads of core skills for handling your adventure bike off road; learn how to be comfortable with the size and weight of your bike, clutch and throttle skills, brake skill, hill recovery, climbing and descending hills, cornering and more.


ADVENTURE EXPERT (Experienced Riders) 2-Day $695

This is where you start to expand on your riding skill base, learn to be more accurate and fine tune your control skills. Start learning how to read the surface and choose better lines through terrain. The hill sessions will be more technical and challenging along with increased focus on cornering. We recommend to have attended an Adventure Skills course prior to attending this course.


ADVENTURE PRO (Test Your Skills) 2-Day $695


We only run a couple of these courses per year. This course will test the most experienced adventure rider and is designed to stretch your comfort zone and galvanise your skill set. Accuracy and consistency is the core of this course, being able to place the bike wheel track perfect and work on high level skills exercises to fine tune your inputs is what this course is about. Think riding circles with the steering at full lock and you get the picture.



This is our Adventure Skills Course just for Ladies!




If you are up for the challenge come along to one of our sand riding courses and learn how to conquer the soft stuff. We ease you into it and ramp up the riding over this one day course. You will learn how to manage sand, whether you want to be able to deal with unexpected sand on a ride or head into the dunes, this course will arm you with the skills you need.

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ADVENTURE PREP 1-Day $395 (No-Riding)

A one day no riding course that will help you prepare for your adventure riding. Learn all sorts of trail side fixes and solutions along with how to prepare your bike, put together a tool kit, what equipment to carry, plug a puncture, replace a tube, repair engine case damage, fix a drowned bike plus much more! A must do course for adventure riders.




Our 4-day, all-in-one course held at the amazing Mt Seaview venue in NSW. Elements of all of our courses are rolled into this, including sand riding. You will also go out on a half day guided tour to put skills learnt into practice. All participants stay on site, whether you choose to take up the included camping or upgrade to motel style accommodation the choice is yours. When the riding stops the day doesn’t end, with sessions from our Adventure Prep course at night followed by dinner and some quality time socialising this is quickly becoming a popular course.