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Please take some time to read through our Frequently Asked Questions, we are confident you will have some questions answered and you may also get a better idea of how the event you have entered is run. Please select the event that you are attending below for specific FAQ's.

Where should I stay for the course?

We have a list of course Accomodation options HERE

What gear should I wear?

We recommend textile adventure or dual sport riding gear. Off road boots are heavily recommended as they offer much better support and protection. If your riding pants don't have any knee protection in them we recommend some knee protection also. Goggles are also a handy item if it is dry and dusty. 

I only have dual sport/road tyres on my motorcycle, is it possible to still attend? 

Many riders have successfully completed our off road courses with dual sport tyres fitted to their bikes. However, riders must understand that these are all weather courses and if there is some rain the course will continue. In this case riders will be much better off if specific knobby style tyres are fitted to their motorcycle (eg. Pictured above L to R - Metzeler Karoo 3, Pirelli Scorpion Rally, Continental TKC80), so with that in mind you can make your decision.

How difficult is the Level 1 Course, do I need off road experience to attend? 

No off road experience is necessary. This course is designed to build skill and confidence off road so it will suit riders from little to no off road experience right through to off road riders that have years of experience but are looking to sharpen up their skills. Many riders with years of on and off road experience, who have never taken specific off road training, are very surprised at how much they learn in the Level 1 course.

I am very nervous about taking part in an off road training course, is that normal? 

Yes, some customers are nervous before the course starts, but they are usually relieved and relaxed once the course begins. The course is very structured and gives proven results. The courses are FUN and riders are not forced to do anything that they don’t feel comfortable with, sometimes its best to watch, and then join in the activity when you feel confident about it. Obviously at times riders can be challenged, but all participants show a huge improvement over the two days and really enjoy the format.

I haven’t taken the Level 1 BMW course but I’d like to enter the Level 2 course, can I?

To enter the Level 2 course you must have completed a BMW off road training course in the past or a BMW Safari. If you have not you will need to complete the Level 1 course first. We recommend that you complete the Level 1 course if the last off road training you completed was more than 2 years ago. Occasionally exceptions can be made for riders with an extensive motocross or enduro riding background.

I qualify to enter the Level 2 course, should I still do Level 1 first? 

In our experience riders that have attended two or more Level 1 courses will enjoy and benefit much more from the Level 2 course. As a guide you should be able to confidently perform the skills exercises that are covered at the Level 1 course, as there is little revision of these at the Level 2 course.

I have touring or road riding gear, do I need to spend the money on all the recommended off road gear listed in the confirmation letter? 

The off road gear recommended is just that, a very strong recommendation. Riders must understand that off road riding will bring in many other factors into your riding, and specific gear for it will not only be much more comfortable but may offer better protection in the case of a fall or contact with rocks, branches and logs etc.

I am an very experienced off road rider, will I learn anything at the Level 2 course?

In our experience, yes. The Level 2 course extends skill level exercises to an intermediate to hard level and covers many practical skills and techniques that you will use on a intermediate to hard off road ride.

Are food and drinks provided at the course? 

Yes. There is coffee, water and snacks available all day. In addition, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are also provided.

I don’t have a BMW but I do have an adventure bike, can I attend? 

These courses are for BMW GS owners only, we do however offer hire bikes at selected courses. Check your course entry form for availability. Note: Occasionally we offer “All Brands” courses, please refer to our schedule to see if there is an All Brands course available. If a course is not listed as All Brands, it will be for BMW GS bikes only.

Can I do the Level 1 course and then follow up with the Level 2 course back to back? 

You can, however we recommend that you complete the Level 1 course and then put your new skills into practice and attend the Level 2 course the following year. Four days straight of off road training is not only physically draining but mentally also, you will have information overload and may not benefit as well as you would with some time between courses. Many riders will also benefit from completing the Level 1 course multiple times before moving to the Level 2 course.

Can I hire a bike?

Yes, a limited number of hire bikes are available at most courses. Hire bike availability will be visible on the course entry once you have selected your specific course.

Is accommodation included in the course fee?

No, accommodation is the responsibility of each entrant. However when you enter a course you will receive a list of accommodation suggestions local to that specific area.

What if I have entered and have to withdraw from the course?

A participant may withdraw from the Course at any time by notifying Moto Development in writing ( In case of withdrawal, a cancellation fee is payable as follows:​

  • $75.00 cancellation fee if 6 weeks or greater notice is given prior to the Course

  • $150.00 cancellation fee if greater than 2 weeks & less than 6 weeks notice is given prior to the Course

  • No refunds if 2 weeks or less notice is given prior to the Course